Bianca / born february O8 , 1993 / Phoenix AZ.

you are no one to judge me . it wont make you more of a better person . respect me & i'll give you respect back . great listener & adviser . i believe that things happen for a reason , you will see the reason one day & thank it . don't disrespect what i don't believe & believe . one day i hope to do a female center . help the females that have been beaten & left alone . i appreciate my friends & especially my family . all i want to do is have fun . music is my escape . i am down low w/ my feelings , it's hard for me to speak them out but excellent at writing them down . i have a lot of pride in me , sometimes a little too much that it drifts the people i want in my life disappear . im not the type of female that always has boyfriends , im the type that rarely dose . the type that doesn't bother to be single . i've been going out to parties all my life . at this point i am in Street Movement productions which i am a promo model . we run the club Sky Lounge . dancing is my passion . hopefully & soon to be a gogo dancer . i have the biggest heart . want to know more ? drop it in my ask box .

Taking mean breaks #wings #longwongs #fries #mouthgasm #foodporn #food

Taking mean breaks #wings #longwongs #fries #mouthgasm #foodporn #food